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Online Religious Studies Degree Programs

Religion majors seek understanding.

They study psychology, sociology, ethics, and literature from a religious perspective. Some degree programs introduce students to many different traditions in order to gain broad insight into religions across cultures.

You can earn an associate’s or bachelor of science degree in religion through both online and traditional programs. Those in the clergy earn about $43,060 per year on average. Other options for religion majors include:

  • Minister
  • Youth outreach leader
  • Consumer advocate
  • Community affairs specialist
  • Lobbyist

Religion varies between societies and cultures. It encompasses a group of cultural and belief systems that relate to moral values, spirituality and humanity. The purpose of religion for many is to explain how life began or give meaning to the universe and life.

When studying religion, there are three basic categories, including world religion views, indigenous views and new views.

The world of religion is vast and interesting. Beliefs have great variety and many commonalities.

Are you interested in entering this field? Are you ready to make religion part of your career?

Whether you are interested in becoming a minister or an advocate, there are many careers within the religion umbrella. Our programs can help you get started.

We offer Associate’s degrees through Doctorate’s, each through an accredited university or college.

Each program allows you to earn your degree at a pace that fits into your lifestyle. They were created to help busy working adults, or adults raising a family, advance their career, without needing to revamp their schedule.

Typical courses include theology, religion, ministry, and history.

If you are ready to dig deeper into the study of religion, explore our programs offered below. When you have questions or find one that sounds appropriate, request information and a representative will be in contact to discuss your needs.