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Online International Relations Degree Programs

International relations majors communicate across cultures.

They are valuable in any workplace, but especially so in companies that operate globally. They’re also indispensable in government and international nonprofits.

An online international relations degree program prepares you for many careers. Your career decides what you’ll earn. Correspondents, for example, earn $31,320 per year on average—but those in other fields can earn more. Some career possibilities include:

  • Foreign correspondent
  • Foreign affairs specialist
  • International business consultant
  • International finance specialist
  • Foreign Service Officer


Studying to enter the field of international relations enables you to build a strong foundation for a wide variety of careers. The history of the field can date back to as far as 3,500 BC.

Although the industry has changed throughout the years, the main concept remains the same with understanding the relationships between states, countries, governments, and even corporations.

From geography to sustainability, the world of international relations is wide open.

Are you interested in exploring this exciting and expanding career path?

If you’ve always enjoyed learning how relationships work between countries and how you can impact them, maybe this is the path for you.

Explore our flexible programs below offered through accredited universities and colleges. You can decide the degree type and exact program that works for you. Classes include terrorism, conflict resolution, diplomacy, and society rebuilding.

When you find a program that fits your needs or if you have any questions, click the request information button.

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