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Online Physics Degree Programs

Physicists study the interaction between matter and energy.

As a physicist, you may study the stars, subatomic particles, laws of nature, and the structure of matter. You may also apply your knowledge to practical problems in our world.

An online physics degree program will allow you to earn your degree while you work. Average earnings for physicists are approximately $87,450 per year. Career options for graduates include:

  • Biophysicist
  • Astrophysicist
  • Nuclear physicist
  • Physics teacher
  • Physics professor


The science of physics is analyzing nature to determine how the universe works. It is one of the oldest forms of science and has large impacts on modern day technology. Computers, T.V’s, weapons and many everyday household appliances can thank physics for their development.

Physics continues to advance and change on a regular basis. Research is progressing and understanding in energy continues to evolve.

Are you interested in entering the field of physics? Are you looking to advance your degree into an ever changing field?

From a Bachelor’s or a Master’s, each of our online programs are designed to help busy working adults earn their degree. Through our convenient programs, you will have the flexibility to advance your career at a pace that works for your schedule.

Common courses include teaching methods, general science, applied physics, and several forms of mathematics.

Ready to start?

Explore our options below to see if there is one that sounds right for your goals. When you are ready or if you have questions, request information. After we receive your form, we will contact you to discuss your needs and our program.