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Real Estate

There's money in property.

 A career in real estate can be profitable—and fulfilling. When you’re growing your wealth through property investment, fixing up and transforming a house, or matching house-hunters with the perfect home, you might find you get more than money out of your real estate career.

An online real estate degree will prepare you to buy, sell, and become a real estate agent. Some careers in the real estate industry include:

  • Developer
  • Real estate agent/broker
  • Property manager
  • Residential appraiser
  • Real estate investor

What is real estate?

Entering the business world of real estate involves the purchasing, selling or renting of houses, land or buildings. Using the word, real estate, dates back as far as 1605.

All around the world, the business of real estate is a major source of revenue for many people and businesses. Whether it is banks lending money for mortgages or developers planning a new complex, the value of property impacts a variety of industries.

Whether you are looking for a degree or a certificate, there are options on entering this field. Course often consist of management, law, design, and appraisal.

How do you get started?

Are you interested in entering this exciting, yet volatile industry?

Our list of programs below help you earn an online degree in real estate, so you can fully understand the market. Each one is offered through an accredited and respected university or college. Through the programs, you can earn your degree at a pace that fits into your lifestyle.

If you find yourself drawn to the real estate industry, explore our list of programs below or in each category. When you find something of interest or when you have a question, simply click on the request information button.

When we receive your form, an experienced representative will contact you to discuss your goals, questions, and concerns.