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Online Gerontology Degree Programs

The field of Gerontology is focused on the study of aging.

Are you interested in receiving a degree in a field that is growing?

Gerontology degree programs enable graduates to become part of an industry that is expanding each year. As the population continues to age, the need for services geared towards this population grows.

It is estimated that the field of gerontology will grow nearly 24 percent between 2006-2016, which is approximately 114,000 new jobs. Careers for individuals with a degree in Gerontology can be found in industries such as:

  • Health facilities
  • Mental health centers
  • Government agencies
  • Community agencies

Gerontology takes a close look at the biological, social, and psychological aspects of growing old.

Unlike geriatrics, which involves medicine, gerontology studies and researches the affects of aging on a population and the community. Within the field, there are several sub fields, including social work, sociology, and psychology.

Do you need to find a program that allows for flexibility in your schedule?

Our online degrees from accredited universities and colleges allow you to receive a degree that fits into your busy schedule.

There are a wide variety of courses for you to choose from. Many of the programs include classes such as health, human services, death and dying, and care for the elderly. Depending on the program you choose, will determine your exact path.

Whether you are interested in information on a Master’s or a certificate program, there are many options available.

If you find yourself feeling confused with your options or what may be the best direction for you, our universities and colleges have advisors ready to help you find the best programs.

Based on your long term goals and current needs, together you can develop a plan that will enable you to earn your flexible degree.