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Online Occupational Therapy Degrees

Occupational therapists help people live fulfilling lives despite illness or injury.

They help the handicapped, mentally challenged, geriatric, and those with long-term illnesses to hold jobs, recover, live independently, survive and even thrive day-to-day.

You can become an occupational therapist by earning your degree online. The average earnings for this profession are $54,660 per year.

Occupational therapists can remain generalists or choose from many different specialties, including:

  • Pediatrics
  • Geriatrics
  • Mental health
  • Physical disabilities

The role of an occupational therapist is to develop a client centered approach to treatment. This means that the patient has a role in creating goals and measurement of outcomes.

If you are interested in entering this field, your intervention in a patient’s life will have direct affect on their daily life.

Together with your client, you will teach them skills, modify their environment, educate family members, and adapt daily tasks to fit their capabilities.

Are you interested in taking advantage of flexible degree programs to help you get started?

Our accredited universities and colleges are ready to help you find the right career path that meets your future goals and current needs.

Through our professional advisors, you can ensure that you create the best plan for you and your future.

Example coursework may consist of, research, critical thinking, anatomy and kinesiology.

If you are interested in specializing in a particular field such as sports, geriatrics or children, you can find programs that will enable you to focus on that specialty.

Regardless of whether you are interested in earning your Master’s or another type of post graduate degree, the flexibility allows you to earn the degree of your choice, with the ability to make a schedule that works for you.

Through the perfect amount of balance between online courses and hands on learning, you are able to earn the degree that you’ve always wanted!