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Online Health Psychology Degree Programs

Become a psychologist that benefits and serves a community.

Did you know that biological, environmental, psychological and even cultural factors contribute to illness and your physical health?

In the field of health psychology, it is their job to work with other medical experts to understand these impacts and how they affect you.

With a degree in Health Psychology, individuals will be prepared for promoting healthy living and prevent disease and/or how people react psychologically when they are diagnosed with an illness.

Typically, individuals with a degree in Health Psychology have a median income of around $54,100 to $115,720. This estimate of median income of a Health Psychologist is dependent on the individual's experience, location, and type of practice.

Individuals who have earned a degree in Health Psychology will be qualified for working in a variety of areas, including:

  • Counseling Psychologists
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Community Psychologists
  • Developmental Psychologists
  • Environmental Psychologists

A health psychologist, promotes wellness through prevention, typically by changing behavior. An example of a campaign through this type of education is the one on tobacco usage.

Often a health psychologist is used to help improve a relationship between a doctor and their patient.

Have you ever gone to a medical doctor and had no idea what they were saying to you, but pretended you did?

Having support in the room to help you understand your options and ensure you are completely aware of your health, would make a huge impact.

Would you enjoy entering a filed where you could help people mange their overall health and understand their options?

Whether you decide to start on a Master’s degree or head straight for the Doctorate, there are a wide variety of specialties to choose from.

Coursework typically includes subjects such as statistics, psychology history, research, and psychopharmacology. Depending on your specialization determines your exact classes.

Our degree programs are provided by accredited colleges and universities. Each program has advisors and staff that are available to help you through the process.

Take your time and explore our options below. When you find something of interest, request information, so you can talk with an advisor and begin planning your future.