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Online Health Care Administration Degrees

Take a leadership role in your health care facility.

Do you enjoy leadership and healthcare? Are you looking for a career option that is increasing in demand?

If you are a leader who enjoys taking on leadership roles and have a passion for the health care industry, an online healthcare administration degree may fit your personality well.

Health care administrators and managers oversee every aspect of health care delivery, from staff to finances. No hospital or health care facility could run without them. There are plenty of health care administration degree programs online to choose from. Health care managers earn an average of $67,430 per year. 


The need for administrators in hospitals, nursing homes and mental health facilities are increasing. As the healthcare industry continues to change, the search for expertise and specialized leadership grows.

Some possible career choices for graduates include:

  • Hospital administrator
  • Nursing home administrator
  • Health department administrator
  • Health care consultant
  • Provider service representative
  • Budget analyst

Typically, earning a Master’s degree is the standard in becoming an administrator of a hospital, but there are options for you to take it slower by earning an Associate’s.

The governing body overseeing education and certification in this demanding field is the Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education.

Our list of flexible degrees from accredited universities and colleges, provides a wealth of diversity.

Regardless of the direct path you choose, coursework typically includes accounting, human resources, marketing, finance, medical insurance, and health law.

The flexibility in receiving an online degree fits the schedules of most individuals. Through our university advisors and experienced professionals, we can help you choose a program that works for you.

Explore our options below and find the ones that fit your needs and long term goals.