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Online Information Security Degree Programs

Information security specialists safeguard company information.

With the addition of computer systems into businesses across the world, the need for someone to keep the information on each system secure is growing.

From terrorist hackers to identity thieves, companies have good reason to be concerned about cyber-threats. An information security degree will prepare you to protect your employer’s data.

You can find information security degrees and certificate courses online. Average earnings for information systems managers are $92,570 per year, and knowledge of information security may make you more valuable.

Possible careers include:

  • Information systems manager
  • Database manager
  • Data security analyst
  • Networking specialist
  • Information security consultant
  • Systems administrator

As systems change and hackers become smarter, security becomes more and more of a priority.

Are you looking to tap into a career that continues to expand? Do you enjoy computers and technology?

If you are ready to earn your advanced degree, but worried about how it will affect your schedule, explore online information security degrees.

With our programs, you can earn the degree of your choice, but without the need to alter your life completely. Our programs are set up to work within your current schedule.

We understand that busy adults need flexibility. We know you are busy with a job and raising a family.

Each of our information security online degree programs are offered through a respected and accredited university. When you complete your program, you will have the same degree as a student from a traditional college–minus all the hassles.

An information security degree online will enable you to take classes such as systems analysis, computer security, legal issues, and project experience.

Regardless of whether you are interested in a Doctorate or a certificate, we offer plenty of programs to explore.

Take the time you need to read through the programs below. When you are interested in more information, fill out our online form.

After we receive your information, we will contact you to discuss your goals, questions and concerns.