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Online Computers and Technology Degree Programs

Computer and technology experts are crucial to every organization.

These degrees are needed in every industry—from health care to manufacturing, education to business. With a degree in this field, you’ll have a lot of options.

If you have a full-time job, you can enroll an online computers and technology degree program without compromising your paycheck. This category covers many different degrees and computer education specialties online. Possible careers for graduates include:

  • Computer programmer
  • Network specialist
  • Video game designer
  • Software developer
  • Electrical engineer


What is computers and technology?

Throughout the years, technology has made our lives easier. Whether it was the discovery of fire or the first walk on the moon, none if it would happen without technology.

Today, the world of computers and technology are expanding rapidly. Through advancements and innovation, the need for skilled and educated people in this field continues to rise.

Regardless of whether you want to learn about software development or electronics engineering, the field is quickly changing and growing. Common classes include problem solving, data base creation, operating systems, and programming.

How can you get started with computer education online?

If you are interested in entering this fast paced and exciting field, our on-line computer science degree programs can help you get there. Each program is offered through an accredited university and provides you a solid foundation to begin your new career.

Programs are flexible and allow you to earn your compuer science degree at a pace that fits into your lifestyle.

Take your time to explore our programs below. You can also visit each subcategory to determine which ones are in alignment with your future goals.

After you find a program or two that sounds right for you, or if you have any questions, you can fill out our online form. When we receive your information, we will be in contact with you to discuss your situation and answer all of your questions.