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Online Public Relations Degree Programs

Learn to manage organizational functions including: consumer, media, community, industry, and governmental relations.

When working as a Public Relation specialist individuals spend a great deal of time managing organizational functions including: consumer, media, community, industry, and governmental relations.

Also, a PR specialist may write draft press releases, interact the with media, or even arrange speaking engagements.

The area of PR is estimated to grow quickly in the years to come, but keep in mind that for entry-level positions are considerably competitive.

The average yearly income for an individual in a PR job varies depending on terms such as years of experience and level of degree, and ranges between $30,000.00 - $195,000.00.

Possible employment opportunities include:

  • PR firms
  • Government figures
  • Interest groups
  • Corporations

The role of public relations is to manage how information flows between an organization or company and the public. Although thei information is news worthy, the goal of PR is for persuading the public on a particular view point. It is a strategic communication process that benefits the organization in the eyes of the general public.

Are you looking to earn a degree in a growing field? Are you committed to going to college, but are worried about how you can rearrange your schedule?

Our list of accredited programs from respected universities provide you the tools and foundation you need to advance your career. Each of our programs enable you to take control of your future.

Regardless of whether you are interested in a Bachelor’s or a Masters program, there are options available. Example course for your program include marketing, business law, management, and economics.

Worried about how to start or the direction to take?

Even though your program is online, you will be assigned a real live advisor that can help you make difficult decisions. From choosing the program that is best for your future, to helping you find the right job, there is always help and advise waiting for you.

In order to find out more about an online degree, take the time to explore our programs listed below.

If you find something that sparks your interest, request information and an advisor will contact you.
Together, you can discuss questions, goals, and programs to determine if there is a match available.