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Online Marketing Degrees

Sales and marketing professionals keep the money coming in.

Marketing and sales are two of the most important components of a successful business.

They can also be the most difficult to implement if not learned correctly.

No business can exist without its sales team and marketing department. An online marketing degree can make you an appealing prospect to any company.

Those in advertising and promotions make an average of $89,570 per year.

Salespeople can be salaried or paid by the hour, and their earnings vary drastically. They often stand to make a lot of money in commissions.

Possible careers include:

  • Sales manager
  • Salesperson
  • Advertising executive
  • Public relations professional
  • Marketing professional

Our programs will give you the tools you need to implement sales and marketing techniques to companies who need them. Whether you are looking to become a manager or an advertiser, the options are endless.

The world of sales and marketing is changing rapidly. With the addition of online options and social media, experts within this industry are needed for business success.

Online degrees allow you the flexibility to move your career forward with a pace that fits your lifestyle.

Each of our programs are designed to help the busy adult, who is working or raising a family, earn their desired degree.

Worried about being all alone?

Similar to traditional universities, each of our accredited colleges enables students to have access to an advisor. Although you may be taking online classes, you are never all alone!

Advisors are able to help you from the moment you begin to explore a degree program through your job hunt upon graduation.

Our online programs vary greatly. Regardless of if you want to begin your college from the start, or you are finishing up a degree you began years ago, there are various options available.

Coursework for our programs may include classes such as writing, research, sales skills, internet marketing, and consumer behavior.

Ready to move forward?

Whether you just want information or know you are ready to take the next step, click on the request information button to get started.

When you fill out our online form, you will then be contacted by a representative to discuss your options.