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Online International Business Degrees

With an international business degree, you'll be able to take your company worldwide.

The business world is untapped, especially when looking outside of the borders of the United States. Companies from around the country are expanding their views to global markets around the world.

To compete in the world economy, businesses need to reach across cultures, languages, and international boundaries. 

Companies that are interested in expanding globally need qualified employees to help them manage their business.

Career opportunities include:

  • International banking manager
  • International sales/marketing manager
  • Import/export specialist
  • International human resources specialist
  • Foreign investment specialist
  • Multinational finance manager
  • CEO
  • International securities specialist

International business is known as any type of activity that is business related occuring across boarders. It can include services, goods, skills, or even people.

Those who earn a degree in this field are a sought after resource. Their responsibility includes understanding trade laws, the country and culture, foreign exchange regulations, and much more.

Many of these careers are high-earning—CEO’s make millions—and you may be able to leverage your international business degree online for a higher paycheck.

Does this sound like something that is made for you?

If you are interested in an expanding field and are ready to take control of your career, explore our list of online degrees.

Each of our programs are tailored for busy adults who want to earn their degree, but want to avoid the hassle of scheduling and commuting.

Our list of programs provide a strong foundation to prepare you for a new and exciting career. Example coursework includes international business, management, operations, and organization.

Whether you are interested in an Associate’s degree or an MBA, we have a wide variety of programs to choose from.

Don’t know how to begin?

Your first step in choosing an degree is to explore our programs listed below. You will find them sorted based on degree level.

Once you find a few that sound interesting, request more information. Shortly after we receive your form, one of our experienced representatives will contact you.

Together, you will discuss your long term goals, your current situation, and any questions you may have.