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Online Business Law Degree Programs

A business law degree helps you keep your company legal.

Are you looking to earn a degree in business law? Do you need to find a program that you can fit into your schedule?

Whether you’re a corporate lawyer, business administrator, or entrepreneur, this degree gives you valuable knowledge on how law and business interact.

Some careers for business law majors can be highly paid. Corporate lawyers, for example, make about $126,250 per year on average.  A bachelor’s degree in business law online will prepare you for law school or for a career in business. 

Job options for graduates include:

  • Corporate lawyer
  • Business consultant
  • Legal executive
  • Corporate executive
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business administrator

Business law is commonly referred to as commercial law. This form of law oversees transactions of businesses that occur on a regular basis.

An online degree from an accredited university is tailored towards the busy adult. Each program is offered through a respected institution and provides students the foundation they need for a new career.

Not only will you receive a degree that will assist in advancing your career, you can do it with flexibility. Due to the fact that the courses are online, you will have no worries about commuting to your classes or fitting your class in on someone else’s terms.

Our programs often include classes where you can learn about patents, copyrights, and legal matters within the business world.

Regardless of whether you are just beginning your education and are interested in earning an Associate’s degree or if you are ready to take your current degree higher, we have plenty of options to fit your needs.

Explore our programs below to see if there is one that will meet your future goals. When you find one that you are interested in, request more information and a representative will contact you to discuss your needs.