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Online Business Analysis Degree Programs

Business analysts know what makes companies tick.

They talk to their company stakeholders about their business needs, and figure out how to implement programs that fulfill those needs.

You can work as an employee or a consultant. Average rages for consultants are around $90 per hour. You can find a online business analyst degree or certificate in business analysis online. Some possible careers include:

  • Consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • International business specialist
  • Information Technology business analyst
  • Operations research analyst


Looking to earn a degree that is respected and gives you diversity in the business world? Wanting to find a way that you can go to college with flexibility?

As a business analysis major, you will learn tools to help identify a company's needs and find solutions that will propel them forward. Some individuals focus on IT analysis, and others offer support around organization or employees.

Regardless of your age, going to college is a decision that can be difficult to make. The time and energy commitment is a serious concern for students.

If you are eager to advance your career, but worried about how you can possibly fit it into your already hectic schedule, you will want to explore an online degree in business analysis.

Our degree programs are designed with you in mind–the busy working adult, with little time to spare, but ready to kick their career up a notch. If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place.

Online programs enable you to earn a degree from an accredited university or college. Each of our programs offer a flexible alternative to traditional college courses, but with the same outcome.

Courses typically include marketing, data analysis, and computer solutions.

Are you ready to dig deeper?

Explore our programs below to help you find the information you need to earn an online degree in business analysis. When you find something of interest, click on the more information button. After we receive your form, a trusted representative will contact you to discuss your needs and get you on a path for your career growth.