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Online Journalism Degree Programs

Degrees in Journalism open a wide range of doors for those individuals interested the process of gathering, processing and delivering news.

Do you have a passion for writing and collecting information? Are you interested in pursing a degree in journalism, but are concerned about finding the time for classes?

A journalism online degree may be a solution to your concerns. Not only will you receive a degree from a well established facility, you will be able to work at your own pace.

Journalism has far stretched past simply writing for newspapers, and now encompasses a variety of areas, including: online news sources, magazines, and even blogs.

The average earning for an individuals with a degree in journalism is around $40,000.00 depending on the amount of experience and individuals has.

There are a number of areas within the field of journalism, and those areas offer an equally wide array of career opportunities, such as:

  •     Writing and editing
  •     Reporting; photojournalism
  •     Layout and graphic design
  •     Journalism law and policy
  •     Professional standards and ethics
  •     Research methods
  •     Journalism history
  •     Criticism

Our programs are geared towards busy adults who are unable to fit traditional college courses into their schedule, but want to advance their career. Many of our students complete their programs earlier than regular college classes, due to the lack of commuting and scheduling conflicts.

Each of our accredited colleges and universities provide options for a degree in journalism online.
Worried about the types of courses you will be expected to take?

Typical coursework includes introduction to journalism courses, writing about particular subjects, and reporting.

Are you feeling worried about where to begin?

Your first step is to review the options below. Whether you want to receive a Master’s degree or a certification, take your time to find what meets your long term goals.

After you find a few options, click on the more information button. When you fill out the information requested, one of our representatives will contact you, so you can gain better clarity on your options and how to get started.