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Online Communication Degree Programs

Communications majors are excellent writers and speakers.

Most communication programs are business-focused, despite a core curriculum that includes the humanities. The average U.S. earnings are $43,830. 

A communications degree will prepare you for a corporate job in advertising, public relations, human resources, sales and marketing, and many other departments. 

Many online schools offer Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in the subject, as well as certificates and courses in business communication. 

Opportunities for communication majors include:

  • Copy editor
  • Public relations specialist
  • Advertising executive
  • Marketing consultant
  • Fundraising director
  • Grantwriter

A career in communications enables you to become an expert in human forms of communicating. People who enter this field can specialize in media or face to face communication.

When entering the industry with a degree in communications, the options for work are wide. Many people decide on this major, because it has the ability to open many doors. From theatre to politics, the options are endless.

Are you interested in attending college, but are worried about how it will fit into your busy schedule? Are you looking for flexibility and working at your own pace?

There are numerous programs available, so trying to find the best one for you can seem overwhelming. Representatives from our colleges are able to help you decide on the best path for your future. Our professional advisors are experienced and trained on matching students to an appropriate program.

Our programs offer a variety of courses. Some of these classes include critical thinking, presentations, interpersonal relationships, and project management. Depending on how specific your program is, will determine the exact workload.

Whether you want to explore an online Master’s degree or even an Associate’s degree, you can find information below on each program offered. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will help you decide the best option for your current and future goals.