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Visual Studio .NET Programming with Visual C#

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Introduces users to the Visual C# programming language and explains the elements of a Visual C# program. This section explains how to create a new Visual C# application in Visual Studio .NET and discusses key programming concepts, including how to use variables, data types, operators and statements to build a Visual C# program.

  • Introducing Visual C#
  • Visual C# Program Elements
  • Identifying Variable Types
  • Specifying Variable Types
  • Developing an Application
  • Visual C# Operators
  • Selection Statements
  • Iteration Statements
  • Jump Statements


Explains the use of single-dimensional, multi-dimensional, and jagged arrays in Visual C# programming. The section also shows users how to create classes in Visual C# and how to add fields, properties, methods, and indexers to a class.

  • Using Single-Dimensional Arrays
  • Using Multidimensional Arrays
  • Understanding Jagged Arrays
  • Creating Classes
  • Understanding Constructors
  • Adding Fields to a Class
  • Adding Properties to a Class
  • Adding Methods to a Class
  • Adding Indexers to a Class


Discusses how to create a new Windows application project and explains the default code provided by Visual Studio .NET. The section also explains how to use common Visual C# classes such as the CommonDialog, FileDialog, FontDialog, and ColorDialog classes. This section shows users how to create Windows services using Visual C# and how to install and administer the services they've created with Visual Studio .NET.

  • Creating a Windows Application Project
  • Tailoring the Design of a Form
  • Understanding the Default Code
  • Adding a Button to a Form
  • The CommonDialog Class
  • The FileDialog Class
  • The FontDialog Class
  • The ColorDialog Class
  • Understanding Windows Services
  • Creating a Windows Service Application
  • Installing a Service
  • Administering a Service Using the OS
  • Administering a Service Using Code


Printable Transcript

On completion of this course you may print a transcript off as evidence of your progression throughout the course.


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