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Rogerian Therapy

My Distance Learning College


One of the most influential psychotherapeutic themes has been that developed by Carl Rogers under the broad title of Client-Centered psychotherapy. Essentially Rogers advocated a non-directive mode of psychotherapy in which the client is maximally free to express himself and is subject to a minimum of organization or expert 'treatment' by the therapist. His work have now extended into the firle dof education where the Rogerian therapeutic model has been adopted as a way of looking a teacher/pupil relationships and freeing them of some of the more deadly formalities of the academic world.

Topics in this course include

  • Introduction and Background
  • The model of therapy
  • The organismic self
  • Exploring self concepts
  • Actualizing tendencies
  • Congruence
  • Unconditional regard
  • Therapeutic relationships


Rogerian Therapy Certificate

Rogerian Therapy Certificate issued by My Distance Learning College, entitling you to use the letters SAC Cert after your name.


After each lesson there will be a question paper, which needs to be completed and submitted to your personal tutor for marking. This method of continual assessment ensures that your personal tutor can consistently monitor your progress and provide you with assistance throughout the duration of the course.

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