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Professional Tax Preparer Certification

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Each year, nearly every adult in the nation is faced with the daunting task of determining whether they will owe taxes or receive a refund. Since taxes have become an ever-increasing part of a family's budget, they receive a lot of attention, making knowledgeable tax professionals some of the most sought-after individuals in the U.S. today.

As the tax laws continue to increase in complexity, individuals that have done their own taxes are now looking for someone to help them resulting in annual growth for tax preparation firms.

In response to the increasing demand for income tax professionals, we offer The Professional Tax Preparer (PTP) Designation that certifies individuals fully in personal and business returns. Upon certification, qualified individuals receive the PTP designation, assuring potential employers and clients that they are qualified to take care of all their income tax needs expertly. Fittingly, those with the PTP designation find better, higher paying opportunities.


Upon completion, you will receive your score immediately, along with the questions you missed. To receive the Professional Tax Preparer designation, you must earn a score of 90% or higher.

However, to receive a Certificate of Completion, you only need a 65% (Available only to students of the Professional Tax Preparers Program). If unsuccessful in achieving an adequate score at your first sitting, you may retake the test after 7 days.


The Exam

Becoming a Professional Tax Preparer is essential for those involved in the practical application of federal tax laws for individuals and businesses. The PTP designation is only offered to students of UAC.

The exam questions, all multiple-choice, are taken from material covered when preparing individual and business returns. The exam measures the skills and knowledge appropriate for a tax preparer that handles all the filings and responsibilities in personal and business returns. To ensure exam integrity, each test is different. The questions are randomly selected from a pool of exam questions.

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