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How to Build And Maintain Rapport With Your Clients


Whether it's a salesperson with customer, manager with employee, teacher with student or parent with child, rapport skills are the foundation for successful communications. As we think of rapport being a degree of harmony that we have with someone, it takes on powerful dimensions in developing relationships. And when a person is responsive to you and your intentions, it could be related to your rapport skills. And whom do we respond to most favorably? People who are like us -- in ideas, actions, values, even speaking patterns. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

More experienced and successful communicators realize the impact of maintaining rapport and coming back to regain it, if it`s lost. Over the years many rapport skills and techniques have been used successfully: find something in a customer's office that you could comment about to start a conversation that would let the client know about some common ground, a solid handshake, good eye contact and the list of rapport skills goes on.

People today are more sophisticated in communications. It takes higher level skills and knowledge to win your client over your competitors in sales, to calm down a customer who have had a difficult situation. Pacing another person's patterns is key to rapport.

It takes strengthening what you already do on an unconscious level with those you already have good rapport skills, so you can apply the same skills consciously.


Key points will discuss:

  • What can I do to make a better first impression?
  • What are controllable and uncontrollable factors in the first 30 seconds?
  • What should I be aware of in doing business more globally?
  • Is there some way I can stand out from the rest of them?
  • How can I build rapport and maintain it?
  • How can I get on my customer's wavelength?

  • Assessment

    A short assessment will determine your understanding of the points covered.

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    Patricia Weber combines education and 22 years of practical sales and management experience to deliver meaningful results in any presentation mode. She is a trainer, coach, certified teleclass leader and published author. Ms. Weber has published dozens of articles in an assortment of professional and industry journals, and she produces an online newsletter with tips for selling and customer service. Her energetic, positive approach fuels the ideas, insights and strategies you will hear and learn about.