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Medical Billing/Claims

Ashworth College


Medical Billing is an excellent online program for any individual who is looking for a career in which they can help others, and that will provide them with the skills needed to work in a number of health care administration areas.

Individuals in this fully online medical billing course will learn the skills that are needed for becoming an important part of a health delivery team, and will gain the well-rounded understanding that is required to work with medical professionals in areas such as:

  • Office
  • Clinic
  • Hospital
  • Insurance firm

The goal of this program is to enable students with the skills that are needed for processing medical claims, handling patient invoices, and obtaining reimbursements for both patients and doctors.


Individuals who complete this program will learn how to:

  • Recognize terms for human anatomy, disorders, diagnoses and treatments
  • Enter diagnosis and procedure codes
  • Follow standard billing guidelines for surgical procedures
  • Submit claim forms for private insurance organizations
  • Comply with federal regulations


Students in this online Medical Billing/Claims program will be assessed through the use of open book, online exams.

course quick facts
course code DED-MC
cost $894.00
estimated time to
complete course
24 Hours
course materials
365 Days