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Electrician Training

Ashworth College


This online Electrician Training course provides individuals with the skills that are required for obtaining a high-voltage career in a world dependent on electricity, climate control and household conveniences.

In today's electricity driven climate, individuals who have the in-depth understanding of power concepts are some of the highest paid people in the skilled trades arena, and have the knowledge that is needed for working in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Construction electrician
  • Maintenance electrician
  • Public utility electrician
  • Electrical contractor
  • Telecommunications electrician
  • Cable television technician

This online electricians course has been created to prepare its students for a number of fast-paced careers in which you may one day be installing wiring for plush new office quarters to the next day installing a store security system.

This online electrician training course offers students a flexible online method of studying a number areas, such as:

  • Electrical Energy Theory
  • Circuits, Safety and Tools
  • Wiring Systems, Boxes and Conductors
  • Time Management Guide
  • Device Wiring and Branch Circuits
  • Reading Blueprints: Service Entrance
  • Reading Blueprints: Service Entrance Appliance, Light Commercial and Mobile Home Wiring
  • Low-Voltage Circuits: Remodeling Procedures
  • Advanced Blueprints, Wiring Methods, Boxes and Conduits
  • Advanced Conductors and Overcurrent Protection
  • Advanced Branch Circuits, Feeders, Service and Distribution
  • Transformers, Special Systems and PLCs
  • Motors and Motor Controls
  • Emergency Power, Hazardous Locations, Pools and Fountains
  • Maintenance, Troubleshooting, The National Electrical Code and Careers


Individuals who complete this online electricians training course will have the knowledge needed to work with electrical power systems, installation techniques, circuitry, measuring current, wiring, safety and repair.


Students in this online Electrician Training program will be assessed through the use of open book, online exams.

course quick facts
course code DED-EE
cost $794.00
estimated time to
complete course
24 Hours
course materials
1 Days