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Efficient Reading: Improving Speed and Comprehension


Initially, you'll diagnose your strengths and weaknesses in reading ability through a questionnaire that will show your reading habits as they presently are. You'll learn to read more efficiently and thus improve your speed and comprehension through procedures applied for both casual and academic reading.

An introduction to reading skills will teach you how to be a flexible and involved reader, limit re-reading, and overcome habitually slow reaction time. Learning how to skim and scan will allow you to go through materials quickly. Building a better vocabulary is also a part of improving reading ability, and learning to use words in context and word origins will help in this effort. Author and publisher aids, and punctuation will be used as reading aids.


Upon completion of this course, student will be able to:

  • Be a flexible and involved reader.
  • limit re-reading.
  • Minimize vocal involvement
  • Read in thought groups.
  • Overcome habitually slow reaction time.
  • Learn how to skim.
  • Learn how to scan.
  • Use words in context.
  • Develop a better vocabulary.
  • Use author and publisher aids.
  • Use punctuation as a reading aid.
  • Read and understand your textbooks.
  • Apply critical reading.
  • Learn how to read and recall.
  • Apply textbook skills to other materials.
  • Read faster with better comprehension.
  • Gain more insight and enjoyment from reading.


1. During the first lesson, students will fill out a questionnaire to assess their current reading habits.

2. After the final lesson, students will fill out another questionnaire to assess their improvement during the course, and note areas where they may still need further attention to improve their reading habits.

course quick facts
course code DED400
cost $99.00
estimated time to
complete course
8 Hours
course materials
4 Weeks

Annie Laura Smith holds a M.Ed. in Science Education, and has taught online courses in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Learning Skills as well as Writing for Publication, Vocabulary Development and Efficient Reading. Her publications include, curriculum and test materials, articles on efficient reading and vocabulary development.