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Computer Forensics - Level II

ProTrain Online


You will be provided well-developed, detailed handouts of the course material. The course contains a number of practical exercise problems in the form of specially prepared diskettes or a hard disk drive that must be examined. The practical exercises will reinforce the material and teach "hands-on" skills. A case scenario will be used where a fictional private investigator brings you, the examiner, each diskette or a hard disk drive for examination. Each diskette will build to the next exercise, until finally a hard disk drive is examined and the case is concluded. Real life computer forensic issues will be covered by the practical exercises.

Our instructors are all Certified Forensic Computer Examiners or Certified Computer Examiners (CCE) who are currently involved in computer forensic examinations. They will coach and tutor you through the practical exercises, your reports and through the test questions for each module. Our instructors are highly qualified, experienced and understand forensic examinations far beyond the material in this course. Your interaction with your instructor will normally be via email, but direct assistance is available. We truly want you to learn the material and to become a good forensic examiner.

Prerequisites - Successful completion of the Computer Forensics Level I and Level II training.

LEVEL II Topics:

  • File Signatures, Data Formats & Unallocated Space
  • FAT File System
  • NTFS

We will provide a detailed manual for each module covered. These manuals can be used later in your career for reference purposes. Sample reports, additional practical exercises, a DOS primer, Diskedit primer and other useful information and applications will also be provided. You will be subscribed to our listservers that provide both administrative and technical information. Even after you complete the course, as material is updated, you will be able to download the new material from our web site.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Newer PC with latest updates and BIOS
  • Windows 2000 or XP Operating system (Vista is currently being tested for compatibility issues
  • Internet access
  • 512 MB (or more) memory
  • 2 GB or larger hard disk drive for examination purposes
  • Integrated PS/2 ports (Not USB Keyboard or Mouse)
  • 2 open USB 2.0 ports
  • commended Configuration:
  • Newer PC with latest updates and BIOS
  • 2000 or XP Operating system (Vista is currently being tested for compatibility issues)
  • Internet access
  • 1 GB (or more) memory
  • 2 GB or larger hard disk drive for examination purposes
  • PS/2 ports (Not USB Keyboard or Mouse)
  • 4 open USB 2.0 ports
  • 1 open Firewire / IEEE 1394 port
  • Read / Write Blocking device such as the 'FireFly Read/Write' device made by Digital Intelligence

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This online program is designed for people interested in becoming Computer Forensics experts. Students move at their own pace through all 3 levels (7 modules) and learn how to forensically Exam(s)ine and recover data from operating systems. Students learn core forensic procedures for any operating or file system, and how to conduct forensically sound Examinations to preserve evidence for admission and use in legal proceedings. Each module requires an Exam(s) and completion of practical exercises before you can move to the next module. Additionally, this course will help prepare you for the upcoming Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) Examination.


Clear, concise, accurate reports that draw appropriate conclusions are a very important factor in presenting the results of a forensic examination. We require reports detailing each "practical exercise" examination. We critically review your reports as if we were the "other side" and will help you develop excellent report writing skills. Your final reports can be used as your "template" for real examinations.

course quick facts
course code PRO1220
cost $2195.00
estimated time to
complete course
50 Hours
course materials
12 Months