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How do you stay motivated to work on an online degree? I don't have time to commit to traditional programs, but am worried about maintaining motivation for an online classes.

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Asked by jennye Monday Nov 19th 2012 in Learning Tips
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There is no denying that taking online classes requires a certain level of motivation. However, making the commitment to take any college courses requires motivation, right?

Online courses do require a unique style of organization and time management. You are on your own to complete course materials and take exams on time. Before you make the decision, you may want to read this article: Should You Go to College Online? Six Questions to Ask Yourself First.

Other motivational tips to help you stay motivated with online courses include:

  • Find an accountability partner to help you stay focused
  • Write deadlines in a calender and stick to them
  • Give yourself rewards to keep you moving
  • Commit to working a little everyday
These are just a few. I hope they help.

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