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How can I get a student loan without a cosigner?
Also I was wondering how many times can someone cosign a student loan? I am worried that I will not be able to get a loan for college because I don't have a cosigner for the spring semester.

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Asked by Dwight Monday Nov 24th 2008 in Financial Aid
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Your best bet for getting a student loan that does not require a cosigner is a federal student loan. These loans can be requested when you are completing you FASFA. Depending on your level of education the amount that you can borrow does vary, but depending on special circumstances your financial aid advisor may be able to increase your loan.

What you needed to do is to contact you financial aid advisor, and talk to them about the steps you needed to take in order for you to apply for these loans. Also Here is an article you should read that may be of some use:

Five Common Mistakes To Avoid When Filling Out the FAFSA

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