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What You Need To Enroll

What You Need To Know To Enroll & Course Policies would like to thank you for your interest in our online courses. We hope that you will be able to expand your education and career prospects with our courses. Whether you are taking the online courses for fun or for the potential of changing careers we hope you are as satisfied with your purchase. We have compiled here a list of some commonly asked questions and course policies that you should be familar with before starting any course from our catalog.


Commonly Asked Questions

Who can enroll in an online course?

Anyone that is capable of being responsible for self-learning can enroll in a course on our website. From a high school student to adult learner, our courses are created so that they can be used by a wide audience of online learners. Our students come from all backgrounds, geographic locations, financial situations, and education levels.

I have paid for my course but have not received an email about how to access the course materials. What is the deal?

Frequently new students email us saying we have not sent them information on how to access course materials or how to login to the system. 99% of the time these initial emails have gone to their spam or junk mail folder. We will turn around and send these emails back to them again showing the original sent date. Please be sure to check you spam or junk mail folder for our emails before emailing us with problems. We do our best to ensure the best customer experience possible but sometimes our communication is filtered out without us knowing about it.

Do you accept international students from countries other the USA?

Yes we do. We have had many students from other countries take our courses and the online courses of our education partners. Students need to be aware that for courses we CAN NOT accept credit cards from foreign countries. Your registration will be rejected if you try a foreign credit card. This policy is due to credit card fraud and other high liabilities. The alternative we offer our international students is the ability to pay with PayPal. It is as seamless and easy as using your credit card the typical way.

Once I have registered and paid when I can I start my course?

Immediately in most cases. You will typically receive your initial email with login instructions to access courses materials within 10 minutes to 4 hours from the time of registration. Since we offer so many different types of courses registration times can vary. If you have paid with PayPal there might a short delay. We can not pre-enroll someone until we receive that notification that the payment is good and has been processed. After that you will receive your access information immediately. If you have not received your access information with 24 hours please contact us so we can check on your registration.

What kind of computer equipment do I need to complete my course?

Most computer purchased in the last several years should be fine for our courses. You do not need the latest and fastest computer available but one that can handle most basic tasks such as word processing, checking email, surfing the internet, downloading files, researching on search engines, watching videos and a internet connection such as DSL, Cable, or T1 lines. If you have a computer that runs the operating systems Windows 98, XP or Vista, Mac OS X and older and Linux you should perfectly fine. If you have an older computer running operating systems older than what is mentioned, you may just be fine but double check with your instructor for specific requirements of the course.

How do I pay for my online course or certificate program?

Payment is conducted online over a 128-bit secure SSL connection to ensure you maximum protection and privacy. In order to pay for a course in our online catalog, click on the "ENROLL NOW" buttons on the course page or category listing pages. Pick a start time for when you want to start the course and you will be instructed next to register and pay for the course. Credit cards are accepted such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover. Paypal payments are also accepted. Checks are also accepted but you will need to contact us to make arrangements to do this.

Do you offer any type of financing to help pay for these courses?

No unfortunately, we do not offer any type of financing for courses in the catalog.

What happens if I don't finish my course?

All courses must be completed within the specified time period listed on our website. Most courses in the catalog have a time-limit for finishing the course. If this time limit has elapsed without you finishing the course you will have to purchase the course again to start over. Some courses and certificate programs offer very long completion times some longer than a year to complete. You should have ample time to complete all your courses with plenty of time to spare.

Are you accredited?

No, nor can ever be. It's not possible. Regional accreditation is only offered to 4 year degree granting colleges and universities (online or offline). Accreditation applies mainly to institutions that offer degree programs such as bachelor or masters degrees.

Accreditation should not even be a concern when choosing to take an online course over the internet as no "company" can be accredited by the Department of Education in the US. Only colleges and universities can obtain this designation. We encourage all students to contact us if they need further information. Also, please read this fully detailed guide to College Accreditation to understand the process better.

Do online courses qualify for college credit?

No. They cannot qualify as we are not a college. The majority of courses listed on the website on our "Online Courses" catalog are for personal development, continuing education credit, professional workforce training, career training certificate programs. The only courses that does qualify for college credit are offered by those online colleges listed here.

Can the company I work for pay for my online course?

Should you be taking this course for your company then we can work with your company to receive a check and or Purchase Order from them.

Can you provide vendor information so that I can enroll students through our government agency?

Yes. Please email us with our contact form here. We can provide all needed vendor information in order for you to pay and successfully enroll students. is registered with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) system and can provide Duns & Bradstreet, Tax ID, or CAGE numbers for you. We have successfully worked with organizations like the VA and Unemployment Training Programs.

My company would like to enroll multiple students into one of your courses, is that possible?

Yes, completely. You can enroll as many students as needed into an individual course and then pay for it. You can add multiple students to the course enrollment after you have selected a start time for course and arrive at the registration page. Look for this button on the registration page:

Button for enrolling multiple students in the same course.

Enrollment & Refund Policy

In association with Jer Group, Inc., has posted our enrollment policy in order to help the consumer make informed choices prior to their official enrollment in our online courses. We also suggest how to avoid typical problems associated with online learning and technology use.

Prior to formal enrollment it is required that the student read over the course descriptions so as to be informed about course content and structure, start dates as well as general information.

Students should be comfortable with online learning methods and understand how basic Internet technology works. We have provided a document on our site for your use Are You Cut Out For Distance Education Courses?. It is also suggested that Newbies and those with an interest take time to read and research information on the Internet about online learning.

If you have specific questions about a course or are not sure about what a program offers you should call our Toll Free number at 866-537-5376 before tuition payment is made. Students are also required to post their questions directly in our Answers for Education section or use our contact us form so we may quickly respond.

Students will usually access our courses using a web browser and in some cases through email or other means including Learning Management Systems. Depending on the course, some content may be delivered via CD, videotape and other media. Students must have working email accounts and spam blockers must be configured to receive emails from us and our instructors or course administrators. AOL email users in particular should also configure their email in order to accept email from us. It is a good policy to generally have a backup email address you can use in case of an emergency. A student must also possess a general knowledge about taking an online course and have the necessary expertise to navigate the web.

A course, product, or service we provide could be delayed temporarily when technology-related issues such as bad emails, network congestion, server issues etc. affect the start of a course. They may also temporarily interrupt a course already in progress. In this instance the student is required to make direct contact with JER GROUP, Inc. and not the instructor via our Toll Free number so that we may help assist them. If a course is enrolled in over a weekend or during a national or religious holiday there could be a short delay in you receiving access instructions or materials you purchased though JER Group or one of our affiliates. Generally these delays are quite limited in duration.

If a student believes they may have a change in plans during the course of study or changes plans after formal enrollment (payment) or they feel unsure of their abilities they should not enroll.

Some of our courses are self-directed, meaning you work your way through the course on your own with little or no assistance. Please be sure to know what course you are enrolling in and whether it is instructor-led or self-directed.

We will under certain circumstances such as medical and family & work emergencies try to work with the student to see what we can do to help get them past unforeseen obstacles. In any case the student's course enrollment will not be cancelled and refunds not made.

All courses must be completed within the specified time period listed on our website. If you are unsure of this time period please contact Customer Service and make a written request details. If a student is inactive in a course for a period of time that is considered in our judgment to be excessive or unreasonable we will drop you from our program. In some or our courses students are required to self-report progress through the program. A email notification is sent to the student who fills out the form and electronically submits it to JER Group, Inc. Students must fill out reports to avoid failure.

Student's who are officially enrolled (having paid for the course, product, service) may not withdraw themselves on or after the start date. Only JER may withdraw a student. Reactivation and Change of Course fees are $75.00 and can only be granted at the discretion of JER Group, Inc. A 25% fee is deducted from the cost of the original course price and is assessed for any course cancellation/witdraw that a student may request and we may approve of. In some cases JER may at its discretion issue a credit for other courses that we offer or transfer a student into another class in lieu of accepting a student cancellation request. Certificates from our Accredited University partners can be purchased at the end of a course of study when the student has successfully completed the program. The cost of processing is $39.00 domestic and $49.00 International.

The student agrees that a course is received by them when they have been contacted in a reasonable period of time after they have paid by automated email or voice from JER Group, Inc. or by our instructors or administrators or by automated email with specific directions on how to access their course using pin numbers, unlock codes, access keys, usernames and passwords. Books and other instructional materials such as CD's, videos and other media that are sent through the mail are processed the same day of an enrollment and may take between 1-2 weeks delivery time. If a student's email bounces JER Group, Inc. will use our best efforts to make contact with you. The student is however responsible for maintaining their email account so that issues such as "disk quotas being exceeded" and other such problems have been attended to. Students need to be able to send and eceive emails and warrant at the time of actual enrollment and during the term of service that their accounts are paid for and working and they have enough disk space allotted to avoid "bounced emails". By enrolling in our program students agree that they have the ability to accept cookies, and they are enabled on their web browser at a medium level of security. Students further agree that they can receive an online course and have alternative means and methods of receiving courses should they encounter a problem using their current CPU/Internet setup whether at home, work or school.

In all cases where paid instructional materials such as Books, CD's, videos, and other tangible goods have been sent to the student the student will be charged for those non-returnable materials even if the enrollment is canceled by the student or the materials are in transient.

SPECIAL NOTICE--In all cases involving customer service questions, enrollment issues and all other requests the student may contact us for help. You can contact us here with specific questions and details regarding information or requests you wish to make. You will need to give us reasonable time to respond.

Certificate of Completion in association with JER Group, Inc. offers a high quality learning experience for the serious online learner who seeks quality online instruction across a broad range of subjects. Certificates from our accredited university partners can be purchased at the end of a course of study when the student has successfully completed the program. We offer the ability for a student who has successfully completed the course of study the option to apply for a CEU (Continuing Education Credit), Certificate of Completion, or any other documentation currently offered. Please note: Only online courses labeled with school name "" quality for these certificates. These certificates also do not qualify for any college credit of any kind, nor should they be used to obtain credit.


  • A student who successfully completes a course of study and a grade is officially turned in by the instructor, the student is notified by email. Students cannot gain access to this link if they have not successfully completed a course of study and a grade turned in. You will be instructed to click on a special link that leads them to an informational page that provides details about how to get the credential. Payment is made directly to JER via secure Credit Card.
  • The student is then given access to a page that allows them to select which school they want to appear on their certificate. The schools who certify the courses are " James Madison University”, “West Florida University” or “Clemson University". Once selected you will then activate the request for credentials.
  • Automated notification is made to the school, student and JER.
  • The cost of processing is $39.00 domestic and $49.00 International.

» For any questions regarding this CEU's or Certificate of Completion, please email your instructor or contact us for questions.