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Old Pictures - Infamous College Traditions
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Infamous College Traditions

It's no secret that college students have built a solid base of nudity, free food, dangerous stunts, and crazy outfits in their age old tradition, but there are a specific few that stand out amongst the many for being crazy, odd, insane and overly traditional. Like tests, quizzes, and classes, traditions are vital part of the college experience. Here are some of the more interesting ones.

Daisy Chain

As seen in the picture above - born out of moment of beauty, the "Daisy Chain" has been a tradition at Vassar since 1894. What started out a decision to carry a decorative rope of daisies from the chapel to the class tree, this act has turned into a tradition of celebrating some of the best and brightest of the Vassar student population. Each year students are selected based on their leadership skills, class spirit, and eagerness to volunteer to become the "Daisies" who will carry the Daisy Chain to Commencement. To serve as a "daisy" is a great honor, for daises are responsible for carrying on a Vassar tradition that extends back to the late 1800s.

Tufts Naked Run brings students together -- with a few injuries

Every year on a very cold night, scores of students from Tufts University strip down to their birthday suits, drinks a little too much, and run from West Hall, around the Residential Quad, and return to West Hall. And while the majority of students run naked there are some that will don a wacky costume or flag of their home country as they make the bitterly cold yet exhilarating run.

Dragon Day

A crazy tradition at Cornell University, Dragon Day occurs right before the Spring Break holiday. On this day, first year architecture students will parade a huge dragon through the campus of the school's engineering campus. During which, Engineering student will heckle the school newest students. Rumor has it that the tradition is a very strange thing to watch.

Pumpkin Drop

A mix of college tradition, Halloween, and physics, the Pumpkin Drop at MIT is an annual tradition where students climb to the top of the Green Building, the highest in Cambridge, to drop pumpkins with an orchestral accompaniment. And true to form, the smartest of students determined that the best way to do this is to first freeze the pumpkin. What a great tradition for Halloween - a swarm of plummeting pumpkins.

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