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Dorm Room Interior Design - Dorm Room Ideas for Girls
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It is no secret that the majority of dorm rooms are not the prettiest places, and on a college student's budget it can be a difficult task to dress one up. But, that doesn't mean there is nothing you can do. Between family hand-me-downs and the Internet deals, you can take you drab dorm room and turn it into a home away from home.


The number one problem in all college dorms. Finding storage solutions that are not only capable for storing large amounts os clutter, but are also chic can be a very difficult task. But, if you think outside of the storage box, you would be surprised what you can use. Brightly colored creates, hallow storage ottomans, wicker baskets, and envelope boxes can all be used to store various items, such as books, papers, and even those small miscellaneous items that clutter up a room.


The easiest way to change the look of your dorm room and put your own personal touch to the empty spaces is through accents. From bedding to rugs, working in warm colors, different types of textures, and directive accents you can make your dorm room feel just like home...well as close to home as you can make a dorm room feel. The Internet is an excellent resource for finding accepts for cheap. websites like,, and, are all really good sites for finding inexpensive deals for various types of accents - like curtains, lamps, and wall decor.


Seating - It's time to get creative! Most dorms are not known for their ample seating arrangements. More times than not, dorm rooms only come with two beds and two chairs. This can be a bit problematic when you have everyone over for a study group. So, what is a college student to do? Well, necessity is the mother of invention. Be creative, use pillows, crates, and beanbags dual-duty seating options.


While the majority of college dorms will not let you go on a painting spree and color your walls to match your sparking personality, there are a number of ways to get around painting to add a little color. Brightly colored curtains, art work, and even a head board fashioned out of a piece in foam, batting and fabric, and plywood, are excellent tools for bring color to your drab dorm room walls.

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