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Companies could stand to lose millions—or even go bankrupt altogether—if they lose valuable data or see their IT networks go down fully for a significant length of time. Many security analysts are in charge of disaster recovery plans specifically for company data and networks. These plans minimize the amount of time a network could potentially be offline in the event of a natural disaster, a fire or building emergency, or a cyberattack.

What do Information Systems Security Professionals Do?

Information security analysts work to safeguard a company or network’s information from hacking, data thieves, cyberattacks, and other threats. Part of their job includes researching the latest threats and advances in IT security; identifying and investigating possible breaches in security; developing an overarching security protocol, strategy, and standards; and consulting with IT staff regarding security measures. Information security analysts often work within companies to educate employees regarding appropriate security measures and processes as well.

Earning an Information Systems Security Degre

To get your start in this field, you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information security, or a related subject.

If you want to strengthen your application in the employment market or qualify for a higher-level position, a Master’s degree may be useful as well. These degrees typically require a Bachelor’s and take about two years to earn.

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional credential is also well recognized in the field, and can give you an edge in the job market or qualify you to make a transition within your company.

Can You Become an Information Systems Security Professional with an Online Degree?

This field is quite accepting of online degrees at all levels, whether you’re in an online Bachelor’s degree program or going for your Occupational Outlook Handbook’s citing of a Robert Half Technology survey, the average information security analyst salary adds up to around $89,000 to $121,500 as of 2012. This wage can vary depending on your level of experience and your location, among other factors.

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The Occupational Outlook Handbook also points out that the lowest 10% of those employed in the category of information security analysts, computer network architects, and web developers earn around $43,190. However, given the importance of the job, salaries on the higher end of the scale may be more common.

Job Outlook for Certified Information Systems Security Professionals

Employment of people within the larger category of information security analysts, web development specialists, and computer network experts is expected to grow 22% within the next decade—a demand driven, on the information security side, by a growing threat from increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks as our society comes to depend more on digital networks for business and organizational operations, commerce, and data storage.

Information security is a crucial field—and demand is likely to rise in the coming years. Get in on the ground floor with a Bachelor’s degree in information security or a related field, and you should be able to secure a job within private industry, public organizations, health care, or the government. A knowledgeable information security specialist can work almost anywhere.

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