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Western Governors University Reviews


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"You get what you put into it"

I have been reading the reviews on this site and others and have come to this conclusion, many of the negative reviews are FALSE, plain and simple. And some people expect to get a degree with minimal efforts. I am in the MAES program (enrolled August 2006). I should have been done already but was not able to move fast enough through the courses due to unexpected personal issues. That being said, WGU allows students to move at their own pace. Yes you have to wait a few days for the graders and yes your mentor has to refer your courses, but even in a traditional school YOU HAVE TO WAIT. For exams, you are allowed to take them TWICE before you get charged. Their website, documents, etc explain it all in english so I dont understand the confusion. Tuition is very affordable ( I live in NYC) so I cant complain and it has gone up ONCE, slightly. If you dont like your mentor, you can request a change. They are willing to work with you. If you believe the people that say they dont have to buy books and just guess, well they are full of it. The exams are very comprehensive and require students to READ AND STUDY. Bottom line, if you take your education seriously, you will manage ok, regardless if its online or in a tradtional school. Having attended, private and public schools (NYU and CUNY) I have easily say, I have learned a great deal more here at WGU at my own pace. Beats sitting in an auditorium with 150 other students listening to some Professor or TA ramble on for 3 hours! And YES I GOT A JOB TEACHING PRESCHOOL THIS SEPTEMBER!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH> WITH WGU ON MY RESUME! I was worried to but in the end its what you put into it. If an employeer is going to higher you based on your school, unless you are coming out of Columbia, Harvard or Yale, nothing else matters. WGU is just as good as any city, state, university or college.