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Western Governors University Reviews


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"Well Worth It"

I have seen a variety of comments that have been good and bad reviews. Personally, my overall experience with WGU was excellent. I graduated with my bachelors in IT and am now pursuing my MBA. I have experience with traditional (well known) universities and would say if you are not the type of person to organize and plan how you are going to learn then online is not for you. I never had a problem with financial aid and they were very quick, and this would now be my fifth time using financial aid. As far as the military not recognizing how the terms are and the credits are, well, that is not surprising; the military usually is backwards in their ways not the normal day to day businesses that are run in the U.S. I am not at all saying anything disrespectful about our military only making a point of "let's get real" it will be years down the line before the military makes a change and finally recognizes institutions such as WGU. Overall, great things happened after graduating and it has made a huge improvement for my quality of job, pay, benefits, and future growth.