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Western Governors University Reviews


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"WGU is Amazing"

The first thing I want to point out is that WGU is not for everyone. You have to be a self-starter, and you have to want to push yourself. Competency based units is an amazing concept. I take a pre-assessment and once I pass that I get to take my final for the objective exams. If you treat this school as a full-time job which some students do, you have the opportunity to go from no credits to your BA is around a year and a half. The other awesome thing about WGU is that you pay per semester, if I can pass 15 classes in one term, there is no additional cost. For people who don't understand the mentor program, I have one mentor who calls me every Thursday to check on my progress and help push me to reach my goals. You also have a course mentor for every class, if you get stuck you let the course mentor know, and they respond very quickly to your request. I can tell you that in my first three months at WGU, I have racked up 35 credits, and that is working 8-10 hours a day studying. I find it nice that you can test from your home for most finals, obviously through webcam proxy. The classes that have performance-based testing, you hand in the assignment, and a grader will not only grade your paper, they will tell you what is missing if anything is missing from the assignment. This is nice because most of my papers if they get sent back needing revisions, I know what I need to fix and quickly make the adjustments and send the assignment right back into be graded again. The cost of your education will be far less than other universities, and you will be able to accelerate if you have the time and are willing to put in the effort. This school was the best decision that I have ever made, and I encourage anyone who is looking at colleges to give WGU a shot.