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Western Governors University Reviews


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"WGU has been great for me."

My experience at WGU has been great. I started February 2007. I was assigned a mentor that I knew was not a fit at the beginning, but I tried to stick it out. When a situation happened that my mentor did not support my side of the the story, I requested a change of mentor. Although it took a couple of weeks, and many memo's to the mentor "boss", my request was granted and I was assigned a wonderful new mentor who understood my particular need as a WGU student. After a year in my program, I realized I was not financially able to commit to a teacher licensing program, and I want to teach adult education. I requested a change of program and as with the change of mentor, it took a written request and always some time. But this change too was granted. I have found if you have a problem of any sort, you can work it out with WGU. Yes, you must have considerable skills in time management and also keep your motivation going. If not, you will fail. Since I work for a community college, I have found 90% of my books through the state library system. Those I could not borrow, I found online at good prices. I have recommended WGU to several people, one has not done well because she just can't commit the time because of family situations. But the other two are doing quite well and will finish. It is all about desire, time management, and devotion to your goal.