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Western Governors University Reviews


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"WGU Has Been Awesome So Far"

Although I just began 10/01/09, I have been extremely impressed with WGU. I completed EWOB (required of all new students to familiarize the student with how to be successful at WGU) in 2 days and at my very next phone conference with my mentor (1 day later), I was enrolled and told to take the pre-assessment for my first class that day (without studying anything). I was obviously hesitant, but she was insistent so I did. I passed, and my mentor immediately instructed me to submit the request to take the final assessment (proctored) and not do any work nor study anything in that course but to move on to the next course while waiting on a response as to when the proctored exam would take place. Again, I was hesitant, but followed her advice, and passed the final assessment with no problem. In less than one month, I have earned the equivalent of 4 credits and am almost ready to take the final assessments in my next two courses while still in my first month at WGU. Anytime I have e-mailed my personal mentor, she has responded within a day or less as have the course mentors when I have e-mailed them. They have all shown how much they want me to succeed and have given me answers immediately. I am under the assumption that those who have had a negative experience at WGU just did not apply themselves or are not able to commit the hours they agreed they could do PRIOR to committing to WGU and beginning classes at WGU. We all learn in various ways and online courses are definitely not for everyone, but for me, this has been a great experience so far. With all the accreditation WGU has received, if an employer told me they would NOT accept a degree from WGU, I would have to question my employer and not WGU. WGU has received accreditation in areas in an extremely short period of time that no other school has received after years and years of existence. I can not wait to see just how many classes I can complete this first term and ultimately, see how quickly I can complete my degree!!