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Western Governors University Reviews


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"Tough but worth it!!"

This school was great but did not realize how great until I finished my MBA and decided to continue my education by obtaining a MA in Early Childhood Education. WGU is definitely a school that is for students who are self disciplined and motivated. The work can be hard at times, especiially when it comes to studying and passing those exams. The cost to attend is much more affordable than comparative schools and I had no problems of them keeping me informed of the cost and funds being disbursed for Financial aid. I however had to get use to the every week mentor calls which I really did not enjoy but saw its worth more towards the end of my graduating term. Overall, I walked away knowing I was going to continue my education at another school and since had no problem getting enrolled in a Masters program. But to compare the school I am currently enrolled in is horrible compared to my schooling at WGU. The cost is way over twice the amount I spent at WGU, you have all these different mentors assigned to you for different task asking you the same question as the one you spoke with before, and assignments are due daily leaving no room for time to read any of the assigned materials while having to balance work/family life. WGU was hard but the whole experience was more rewarding. Needless to say, I am transferring back to WGU.