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Western Governors University Reviews


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"This is frustrating.."

Does anyone actually pay attention to what they're agreeing to when they sign up? I've been a student since August of 2006 and not ONE TIME has the tuition/fees ever changed for me. Why? Because I knew what it was when I became a student. I knew the fee for failing a test twice was $60, why? Because I read all the information at the very beginning. Do you know why the time limits during the term don't bother me? Because I've been to a traditional state university and their semesters are SHORTER than WGU - it's part of adult life people, get used to deadlines. I became pregnant, delivered, moved, homeschooled AND worked during my time at WGU and I'm STILL graduating a full year early. Why? Because I knew what I was agreeing to when I became a student and planned my courses well. Why is this so hard for some people? What's scary is NOT the education you receive from this university, but the amount of "adults" who need someone to hold their hand from beginning to end. Read what you're getting yourself in to and I can guarantee all these so-called surprises will disappear.