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Western Governors University Reviews


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Like any other school this one has its up sides and down sides. On the up side you can get through material at your own pace. On the down side some of the course material is not correct. You definitely need to be a self starter and be able to work on your own. If you need to be told to do every step of the way this is not the school for you. On the other hand if you are not on a normal set schedule this is the perfect place for you. You can regulate the amount of time you spend on any particular class although you do need to complete them within the term. Most of the material is straight forward, although sometimes a little difficult to navigate through what you are supposed to do. The price is very affordable and this is perhaps the biggest reason for attending WGU. Not being with other students in a classroom environment can have its drawbacks with materials you are not familiar with. You will need to do some additional research in these cases. The mentors could make themselves a little more available. My mentor misses appointments on a fairly consistent basis. Scheduling of my classes by mentor seem to be rather random and would seem to be out of order. For the business class you must take accounting. I have already proven to my mentor that some of the information is incorrect. I have gone over the course material and there answers to certain questions are flat out wrong. When brought up to my mentor it was suggested that this may not be the school for me. My best friend as well as my father in law are both CFO's at fairly large companies and they agreed that some of the material was incorrect. This brings up issues when testing is done since you never see which items were graded correct and which were not. Most classes though seem to run without any problems. You can get by without having to purchase every book for each class as long as you have some knowledge of the subject matter. The course description will help you out with additional internet readings as well as online quizzes that will work in lieu of the text book. I am currently about 1 year away from graduating and would urge anyone out there to make sure this is the right type of learning for you. It is slightly above average and certainly could be improved.