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Western Governors University Reviews


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"Problems with WGU"

I enrolled in the WGU IT program in September 2008. Unfortunately I wasn't told that there weren't "real" IT classes, but that I would be working on getting certificates. The cost of each certificats is about $150, but WGU charges you about $1000 (assuming you only do 3 classes per term). So if you want to attend WGU, take all the certifications on your own, and then transfer them in. You could save over $6000+! Also be aware that you won't get basic CS foundational courses such as OOP, Data Structures, etc. It seems that they don't have any of their own curriculum, and everything is outsourced. I agree with the previous poster that there were so many different websites to go to, and links to click. I don't know how many times I closed out the wrong window becuase there were 8 to 10 open - just to get to 1 specific page. And when I posted some negative comments about a class, it was almost immediately censored and removed. It seems there are many people that are frustrated with their writing classes, and the way they are graded. This can be a good school, but be careful, and ask a lot of questions before you enroll. However, because of the lack of advanced classes (Calculus, etc) I don't think you would be a first pick by an employer.