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Western Governors University Reviews


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"Pretty good if you put forth the effort"

My experience at WGU has been good. I have many pros and a few cons about the school. In order to be successful you have to put forth the effort. You have to do the work! If you fail a test you can take it a second time, however the third time you have to pay. Really you shouldn't be failing tests, they are very passable, not easy but passable. My only issue with the school is the task stream graders. There did seem to be some inconsistencies with grading, sometimes I had to get my mentor involved to resolve grading issues. For all those complaining about tuition getting more expensive, get over it they are more expensive at every institution of higher learning in the country. The curriculum does change often, but that's because they are making it better. If you come work for the company I work for things change weekly. Change is a part of life suck it up you cry babies. If your too lazy to do the work or if your searching for an excuse to offset you failures great, otherwise make the best of your experience and get a degree at your own pace. I transferred almost 40 credits and it only took me 2 semesters to finish my degree.