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"Personal Responsibility"

I am reading the responses to other students. To address the only "1" attempt to pass a test and then you must pay. That is a misquote. You have 2 attempts to pass the exam with the university paying for it. After your 2 attempts you then have to pay an additional fee. Most universities dont give you 3 chances..You fail and that is your problem unless you have a repor with your professor. So to come here and complain about getting ONLY two chances seems to be leading new viewers in the wrong direction. Also to address the other student who made the comment that you only get 4 weeks to prepare for an exam. Your semesters are in 6 months increments. You dont have to refer for an exam until YOU the student feels ready to test. So whose fault is it really if you dont feel prepared for an exam after 4 weeks? You take as many credits as you would like to also so its all about time management. I have been on the good and bad side of WGU and both times it was based on my lack of or proactivness in getting my work ethic together. WGU is a great school and well worth the money if you are SERIOUS about getting an education.