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Western Governors University Reviews


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"Perfect, no. So far so good? Yes!"

I have yet to read a negative review here that didn't have more to do with the student than with the university. Upset about paying a fee because you failed a test? How about being glad they let you retake it, unlike most schools? Not to mention the very clear explanation you see each time you schedule a test that there will be a fee for your 3rd try, should you need it? I've finished my preqs that didn't transfer or I didn't take in my first college experience, and have had a fairly good experience. Some of the assignments were worded a little vaguely, but it's not too hard to either post questions to other students or contact a representative from the course to ask for more detail. What was almost more annoying to me was being asked to redo things I made mistakes on, which is great if you don't want bad grades but having to redo it 5 times gets old, sometimes you just want to say "mark it wrong and let's move on!" My mentor meetings have been off and on, but I don't really need them anyway. I don't need someone to tell me what I need to complete by next week, because I'm going to set my own goals. Having the ability to fit as many classes as you can into one semester for a flat fee is a great deal if you ask me. I just completed 25 credits in 6 months, and let's remember that a brick school would cap you well underneath that and charge you by the course hour to begin with. If you don't have good research skills, and know where to look to help yourself solve your own problems, you will have trouble. It is independent learning and apparently not all of us are that independent. So far so good!