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Western Governors University Reviews


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"Only the Dedicated will Succeed"

I've read several of the reviews and feel moved to question whether some of you have actually attended WGU. A few of the posts include details that are inaccurate and way off base- specifically the comment about being permitted to take the exams only once. As most exam failures are caused by a lack of student preparation, I'm not real sure why one feels entitled to multiple retakes at no cost. I encountered several students in the various WGU communities that didn't bother to purchase the textbooks and wondered why they didn't pass the exam (go figure). I passed all of my exams on the first try, not because they were easy, but because I took my education very seriously and studied. I enrolled at WGU in August 2007 and knew exactly what I was getting into. I was able to transfer in several credits from other universities (another misrepresentation in an earlier post) and graduated from WGU in March of 2008- just 7 months later. I am an experienced Human Resources professional and looked specifically for a degree program that would allow me to apply my existing knowledge and work experience; WGU's competency model was a perfect fit. I agree with other posts that students are pretty much on their own to complete the coursework (performance tasks and objective exams); however I was informed of this prior to beginning the program. My mentor did not provide course specific assistance, however he was very supportive and allowed my to accelerate my studies to achieve my educational goals. You are required to make phone contact with your mentor on a regular basis; however the dates and times are agreed upon by both the student and mentor. For the record, I live in Pennsylvania and my mentor lives is Utah. We managed to establish a schedule that worked for the both of us. Initially the calls occurred on weekly basis and lasted about fifteen minutes. As I progressed through the program, the calls occurred less frequently. I've heard that other students at the school haven't been as lucky with their mentors; however I would equate this to the risk you face at a traditional university with professors- some are great, while others are not so great. The bottom line is as follows: if you are not an independent adult learner with strong time management and organizational skills, WGU is definitely not for you. As a side note and words of encouragement for current and perspective WGU students, since completing my degree program I have applied to four graduate schools (Indiana State University, Bellevue University, Kansas State University, and Drexel University). All of these universities are brick and mortar schools and three of the four are nationally ranked. Thus far I have been accepted by ISU, KSU, and BU. As of this post I have not been advised of a decision from Drexel; nonetheless I have decided to attend Kansas State University. I hope this helps to dispel any innuendo that a WGU degree is not respected. My experience at WGU restored my love of learning and motivated me to be a better student. I will enter the next phase of my education with great confidence. For that, I will be forever grateful to WGU. Good luck to all!