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Western Governors University Reviews


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"New Era of Education"

Another reviewer made some very negative comments about Western Governors University (WGU) that are all unfounded and untrue. Is multi-regionally accredited and recognized by other universities for that reason. Not all colleges will take credits from all colleges, even with known good accreditations. WGU does not link their courseware to other colleges, as the reviewer stated; they have their own curricula, which includes sourcing educational material and credit from a variety of institutions. For example: A student who has achieved certification at another institution may use those credential to further her education at WGU, which can speed up the process by moving forward to the testing phase if the student has already mastered the material. The system at WGU is different, and it is ahead of the online academia curve; this is where a lot of educational institution are moving. The cheese is moving, and WGU has preemptively moved, and is in a position for the present and the future. Granted, it is not the ideal method of learning for everyone. Case in point: A student who has little experience, education or background in the courses at WGU, might do better for herself by attending a more traditional college, where she can learn everything from the ground up. But, for people who have been working in the industries covered at WGU, with certifications, experience and other credentials, WGU can be a way to bypass repeating everything they already know. WGU is not the only college to waive classes via testing. Many colleges offer that method for at least some of their classes. WGU simply took that method to the ultimate level, empowering students. Empowerment; that's the key that WGU gives students. I rate WGU very highly, as do other critics who can be verified online.