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Western Governors University Reviews


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"My experience at WGU"

I could see where some would have trouble with the WGU format. To be successful here you have to be organized, determined and persistent, as with any other school and in life. My biggest complaint of the school was with my two mentors, one quit and it took a couple of weeks for the school to assign me a new one, and the other was great until I asked him to fill out a letter of recommendation to grad school. He never did. On the positive side, I did graduate and was able to get into a "B&M" traditional grad school with my GRE scores, a resume and 3 letters of recommendation. I would have happily gone to WGU for grad school, but they lacked a program I was interested in. After graduation from WGU, I was also able to get a good job, in a new field, and during the interview WGU never really came up. The truth is, in this economy, most employers are looking for specific qualifications, so unless you have the experience necessary to back up any degree, from any school, you're going to have to network or get lucky. Life is what you make of it, College is just a piece of the puzzle, not the whole puzzle!