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Western Governors University Reviews


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"It has gotten better over the years"

I have been attending WGU for 2 and a half years. I previously attended a state college and was getting nowhere. I am almost finished with my degree at WGU and my friends at the state college are still having difficulties finishing due to budget and classroom cutbacks. When I first started they were a little disorganized and I had some issues, but they have gotten much better. They are constantly expanding and they actually survey students to see how to make things better. And for those who say that this school doesn't provide a quality education, it most definitely does. My classes here are much more difficult than anything I've had at other universities and I have learned so much more. Their system requires that you have particular knowledge before you can pass on. And there is no passing a class unless you have an understanding of the subject matter. Yes there is an occasional issue here and there. But I had much more issues at the state college than I do here. I definitely plan on returning for my Master's Degree.