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Western Governors University Reviews


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"Great School"

WGU is a good school - I'm not sure why there are these crazy, negative reviews. I personally think that you either like online schools or don't and that this may be the issue. I've been to a brick and mortar college before WGU and I have to say that I like WGU better. I actually spend more hours working on assignments with WGU than the other, but I think it is worth it. It really is work at your own pace - someone wrote that you can't even start until your class is approved, but this is the case for any school. This process is no different than registering for a class at a traditional school. You have to wait until you are enrolled to start. I have been able to move quite quickly through classes as I've always been a pretty capable student, but like I said, I've definitely had to put forth the effort. People do graduate and get teaching jobs. In fact, a woman in my area who got her teaching degree a few years ago through WGU, now teaches middle school Math, and also got the local Teacher of the Year last year. So yes, these are real degrees that real businesses recognize. The main thing to consider is whether or not you are willing to be your own teacher and motivate yourself. WGU provides many valuable resources, but as with all online classes or schools, you are personally responsible for what you learn. You have to be organized and focused and stay on top of things or you will not be successful. I do think that there can be some inconsistencies in the grading process, but for the most part, I think it's fair. And although sometimes it is frustrating to wait on a task to be graded, it is normally not that bad. If you are in a traditional school attending a one night a week class, then you wait a week for your grades. The general turnaround time for grades at WGU is less than a week, usually 3-4 days, so this is actually better than with traditional colleges. And you don't have to wait on your grades before you move on to the next thing, so it really doesn't hinder your progress. Overall, I think WGU is a great place to get higher education. I have definitely had to work hard but have also been able to use my previous knowledge and skills to advance faster. I recommend it to anyone thinking about attending an online college as long as they are willing to be self-motivated.