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Western Governors University Reviews


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"Great School!"

I just finished my first 6-month term on 2/28/11. I am a returning transfer student with my A.S. in Business Management. I choose this degree program because I have been working in Healthcare for 10 years; 3 of those years in Health Informatics. Due to working full-time, with a toddler, and living in an area without access to a 4-year university, I started researching online schools to complete my Bachelor's degree. After about 6 months of research, I came across WGU. I was surprised to find that WGU is regionally accredited by the NWCCU (as are most traditional brick & mortar universities) since many of the other online schools I had looked at were not. I also found out that WGU was undergoing the application process for their Health Informatics program to be accredited by CAHIIM, and as of this review they have received their accreditation. Admissions Process: Went very smoothly for me. The counsellor I spoke with, on multiple occasions, answered all of my many questions, and I had no surprises. Financial Aid: I completed my FAFSA and received email updates regularly from the Financial Aid office. I had no issue with receiving my award and getting my tuition paid. Mentor: I love my mentor! She is never late for our calls, has adjusted them at the last minutes due to my work schedule, always follows-up on anything I need, and is very prompt on approving any learning resources I need. Class Mentors: I have only had to interact with one so far, and he was awesome. He sent me some additional information regarding some course material I was having issues with, and invited me to a chat session with other students to talk about the material. Learning Resources: There are many, which may confuse and overwhelm some students. You don't just get one resources to use to learn the course material. I like this because one resource may not work for me, but it may be fine for another student. Considering everyone starts these classes with varied knowledge and experience of the material, to me this is an advantage. Some may only need a brief review and then take the test. Others may be starting from scratch and need much more support to learn the information. I agree with others in that this is not a school for everyone. You will not have someone asking you at "class time" if you finished your homework. YOU are responsible for asking yourself why you did or did not read the material, do the exercises, do your research for the writing assignment, etc. If you didn't, then it will take you longer to complete the class. Your mentor will ask you what your goals are for the week, and work with you on making sure you have the resources and support you need to meet those goals, but you are responsible for your own progress. There are no quizzes and mid-terms and homework assignments for points that you can fail. There are some tasks to complete before the final in some courses, but for most you just take the final and you either pass or you don't. If that doesn't sound like the way you like to learn, then don't go to WGU, it's not for you.