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Western Governors University Reviews


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I would give WGU 3.5 stars out of 5. I recommend WGU mostly because of price. Many private colleges are not worth the price and other colleges will put professors part time or have graduate students teach you. WGU is the best financial decision if you can accelerate or not fall behind during the program. It can be a double edge sword, if you fall behind, it'll take longer to finish your degree, and increase your costs. WGU's Business and IT program has won awards from the US Distance Learning Association. The Education school has not. I believe there is a lot more potential for WGU to improve and to be one of the best colleges out there. If you choose to study Mathematics Education at WGU there are some pros and cons. Pro or Con- You will have to teach yourself. WGU will give you a textbook to read and a Math mentor who may point you to useful resources that you will have to self learn. This may be painful when learning Linear Algebra and Abstract Algebra. Con- Doesn't offer a discrete math course (Their IT program does) Con- doesn't offer educational psychology class (Needed on some state teacher tests) Con- You will write math essays that are scrutinized by an examiner meticulously and possibly repeatedly con- There are more effective online learning models than Pearson, which WGU uses. WGU's Pearson provider should adapt to Coursera and edX math classes. Con- On your course of study guide to learning math, more resources should be provided or should supplement already existing programs. Example: abstract algebra is already offered online for free at Harvard. Linear algebra is offered online for free at MIT. WGU should redesign the COS so WGU students learn easier from the free lectures from Harvard and MIT. I still recommend WGU for the price, and the IT and Business program may be better than the math education program. I wouldn't recommend anyone to being a math teacher nowadays, too much hassle and drama, "closing the education gap crap".